Clinic Complete!

Hi all,

We apologize for not posting our progress as frequently and thoroughly as we all would have liked. Lets say that we wanted to keep you all in suspense!

The Weft / Yeboahkrom Clinic project is now complete! Our last day of construction was September 1st, 2017.

The last month of the build was very quick and very fun, with many areas of construction/installation happening simultaneously. Roof construction, landscape, windows, and doors were all happening at the same time. It was a very exciting time to be on the site.

We would like to thank all of our friends, family, colleagues, friends of friends, extended family, and so many more for all of your words of encouragement and support!

We would to thank our donors and business sponsors. This project would not have been possible without your generosity and optimism.

We would like to thank our fearless volunteers (you know who you are). Each of you joined the team with your own unique perspective and intentions in regard to this project, which only made the team stronger. Everyone was flexible, hardworking, and ready to go head-first towards all challenges.

And of course, thank you to both the Abetenim and Yeboahkrom communities. You offered a warm welcome and quickly befriended our team. We were able to learn from one another and had fun while doing so. We hope to see you all again!

Thank you!

Enjoy pictures below…more to come!

Sam McPadden (Team Leader) with Mr. Frimpong, a Yeboahkrom resident who allowed us to build our project on his land. Sam had just given Mr. Frimpong a team shirt as a Thank You from the team!
Photo – Kohei Takegawa
Photo – Kohei Takegawa
Photo – Kohei Takegawa
Photo – Kohei Takegawa
Photo – Kohei Takegawa
Photo – Amos Pirotta
Photo – Amos Pirotta
Photo – Amos Pirotta
Model – Ernest Frimpong


Beginning foundation work!

Yesterday was our first day building up the foundation. We began pouring a 2″ concrete levelling pad for our stone foundation to sit upon. We also began digging out a slope for ou compost toilet.

Today we will finish both of these tasks and meet with the local rebar worker to determine the design and placement of the rebar.

Stay tuned!

In the trenches!
Agyengo, the local carpenter, is also the compost toilet expert. Here he begins digging and shaping the slope for the pit below the toilet.

Pretty big update!

Hi everyone!

We apologize for not updating so much over the past month. We ran into a political problem which put the project on hold.

In a brief summary:

The village we were going to build in is within a larger district. Both the village and the district have a Chief that oversee their respective areas. According to the Chief of the district, he was not informed of the construction project. The Chief of our village and the non-profit organization we are working with claim that this not true and that the district Chief does know. Therefore, Weft remains on hold indefinitely.

However, we are not prepared to sit around and wait. We were introduced to another village (in a different district) that could use some help building a new clinic for minor medical issues.

We have spent the last week and half designing a clinic with the input of both our host community and the new community, where we are building.

Today was our 4th day of work on the new site and we’re making good progress. Our goal end date is still the end of August.

Juma juma juma! (Work, work, work in the local language of Twi)

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Crowdfunding update!

Hi all!

As we approach the beginning of our workshop (only about two weeks away), we just wanted to thank everyone who has supported the team thus far.

We will be taking our Generosity crowdfunding campaign offline next week.

However, before doing so we wanted to give everyone one last chance to donate towards the cause! Check out the Generosity campaign website. Take a look at the offered incentives! Some pretty cool stuff on there!

If you have already donated, thank you! And please help us spread the word! Thanks in advance to any new supporters!

Feel free to get in touch with us with any questions. Also, we are still looking for volunteers to join the team! Email us at

Thanks and Weft on!

New Team Member!

Introducing a new team member today!

Serkan Duman!

Serkan is an Architect and writer from Turkey.  Serkan greatly appreciates traditional architecture of all kinds and is always looking for learning experiences. As an architect, it is his goal and passion to help people. His published book is about architecture, art and urbanism. Serkan is very excited to meet people from other parts of the world and to live with them, sing their songs and eat local foods. He believes the earth needs natural and sustainable construction materials.

Akwaaba Serkan!

Join Serkan and the rest of us in Abetenim! The workshop will begin soon. The dates are June 3rd – August 31st. Participants are welcome anytime within these dates for any amount of time.

Act fast! Email us at for more information!

Weft on!

New Team Member!

Announcing another new team member!

Fritz Ababio!

Fritz is an aspiring architect, who just completed his second year of Architecture school.  He loves sports and music. Being from Ghana, Fritz is looking forward to this trip because it gives him a chance to go back home and help out with the hope of returning in a few years as an architect to continue the good work.

Akwaaba Fritz!

Join Fritz and the rest of us in Ghana anytime between June 3rd and August 31st.

If interested and would like to learn more, act fast and email us at!


New Team Member!

Introducing another new team member today!

Mackenzie Helm!

Mackenzie is a rising 4th year architecture student at UNC Charlotte. She loves all things dog and you can probably find her at a rock concert. People usually call her by the nickname Mac & Chez! She believes traveling is a huge part of growing, both as a person and as an architect, which explains why she is extremely excited for this opportunity and all the adventures that come with it.

Akwaaba Mackenzie!

Join Mackenzie on the team! The workshop is starting June 3rd! So soon! Reserve your spot on the team.

Email us at

Weft on!

New Team Member!

Hi everyone!

We would like to welcome Cassidy Kearny to the team!

Cassidy is a rising 4th year architecture student at UNC Charlotte! She loves all things dog-related and can’t live without coffee. Some of her favorite activities include hiking and going to concerts. She loves having new adventures, so she is particularly excited to be a part of this experience!

Akwaaba Ally!

The workshop is right around the corner. Get in touch with us now to reserve your spot on the team! Email us at