Pretty big update!

Hi everyone!

We apologize for not updating so much over the past month. We ran into a political problem which put the project on hold.

In a brief summary:

The village we were going to build in is within a larger district. Both the village and the district have a Chief that oversee their respective areas. According to the Chief of the district, he was not informed of the construction project. The Chief of our village and the non-profit organization we are working with claim that this not true and that the district Chief does know. Therefore, Weft remains on hold indefinitely.

However, we are not prepared to sit around and wait. We were introduced to another village (in a different district) that could use some help building a new clinic for minor medical issues.

We have spent the last week and half designing a clinic with the input of both our host community and the new community, where we are building.

Today was our 4th day of work on the new site and we’re making good progress. Our goal end date is still the end of August.

Juma juma juma! (Work, work, work in the local language of Twi)

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