Crowdfunding Update!

Hey everyone!

We made it to 101%! Thanks for all the support! We really appreciate everyone’s help in spreading the word!

We will keep the campaign open in hopes of raising additional funds. So keep spreading the word!

Additional funds will allow us to improve the project, extend the reach of the workshop, and be prepared for any un-knowns that come up on site.

Help us continue to spread the word! We are still accepting applications!

Weft on!

Crowdfunding Update!

Hi everyone!

Thanks for all the support!  We are approaching our goal! We are at 92%! Check it out!

Help us reach our goal and maybe even go beyond!

Every little bit counts, and if we’re able to raise any extra funds, we’ll have much more opportunity to take this project a little bit further!

Spread the word!

And get in touch with us to reserve your spot on the team soon!  Summer is just around the corner!

Weft on!


New Team Member!

Hi all!

We’re super excited to announce another new team member, Nicole Rivera!

Nicole studied architecture at UNC Charlotte, where she also taught 1st year architecture students.  She is an amazing designer and great mentor to students, friends, and colleagues alike.  Ever curious of the natural and built environment, she never passes up an adventure.  Nicole is dedicated to conscious designing and believes exploration is critical to personal growth.  She also brews her own kombucha!

Welcome Nicole!

Thanks for the continued support everyone!  Get in touch with us to reserve your spot on the team!

Weft On!