New Team Member!

Hi all!

We wanted to introduce our newest team member!  Brian Deck.

Brian has great experience with construction projects like ours, with the work he has been doing as Construction Lead for Habitat for Humanity. Brian has an extremely thoughtful sense of creativity and a knack for composition. He is devoted to sustainable practice, and brewing kombucha. We can’t wait to welcome Brian to the workshop. Get in touch with us to secure your spot on our team!

Weft On!

Crowdfunding update!

Hi everyone!


We have made some awesome progress on the crowdfunding front!

We are at 71%!  Almost 3/4s of the way there!

Keep up the support and great work everyone.  We really appreciate it.

We have also had some new additions to the team.  We will be creating a new team roster page soon so we can all see who the Weft team is!  Keep an eye out.

Thanks and Weft On!


Hi everyone!

We updated the T Shirt sponsorship form!  There was a minor error with the address!  Oops!

All updated now.  Please continue to spread the word!

Check out the updated T-Shirt Sponsorship Form here!

And a quick update on the crowdfunding….

We’re at 52%!  Half way there!  Thank you for the continue support.

Thanks and Weft On!

T Shirt Sponsorships Available!

Hi everyone!

We are now offering T-Shirt Sponsorship opportunities to businesses!

If any businesses would like to sponsor and support Weft, we would love to represent them on our team T-shirts.  The team T-shirts we will be distributed to all of the donors who donate at our Generosity Campaign (at each incentive level of $55 and over), as well as to all team members.

In addition to having the business’s logo/message on the team shirts, the business will also be represented in a few other locations:

  • Social media shout-outs
  • On the donor’s tribute wall at the final project in Abetenim
  • On our website
  • Within any future digital/print marketing material
  • Within the Construction Process Booklet (distributed as an incentive at the crowdfunding campaign).

Check out the T-Shirt Sponsorship Form for additional information.  It can also be found at the Resources page, as well.

Get in touch with us if interested!

Thanks and Weft On!


Hi everyone!

Another update and thank you!

We’re at 30%!  Such great momentum.  Keep up the great work spreading the word!

Thank you all for the help so far!

We’re also working on putting together a travel requirements outline to help walk those who want to come with us through the process.  So stay tuned.

If you or anyone you know may be interested in joining the team on the ground, please contact us at

Thank you all!

Donation Update!

Hi everyone!

Thank you so much for the love already shown through donations!  We are already at 25% of the budget and its only be about a day!  We’re very excited and super thankful.

Keep spreading the word and the love!  Help us make this happen!

Also, we have noticed that some of those who have donated did not do so by claiming an incentive.  We want to make sure that everyone who donates has the opportunity to get their awesome incentive! If you’re interested in an incentive please make sure to choose the donation level at the right of the screen (on the Generosity campaign site) and proceed by clicking on your amount!

Thank you all for the help so far!

Officially live!

Hi everyone!  As you can see, we have a new website!  Now you can find any and all information available regarding Weft in one location!

As we move closer to our workshop date we will post updates on this site.  Once we are on site, we will post daily updates here as well.  The application form and information booklets are also available for download here.

In addition to the new website, we have also officially launched our fundraising campaign with Generosity by Indiegogo.  This platform is relatively new and offers a great benefit to teams raising funds for a non-profit.  Generosity will not take a percentage of the funds raised; instead, it gives those donating the opportunity to add a little extra that goes towards the Generosity platform.  Let us know if you have any questions!

Check out the DONATE link to the left to check out the fundraising campaign!  Any amount is extremely appreciated!